Picture Gallery - Scenes


"Amsterdam" price $750 size 120cm x 90cm 


          "THE RED ROOM"   NFS  Size 100cm x 100cm
Acrylics on canvas
(Has won first prize in overall acrylic section) 

 "AMSTERDAM CANAL" SOLD Price $400 Size 90 x 90cm

"Hello Cocky" SOLD Price $550 Size 100 x 100cm
Acrylics on linen canvas 



"Venice"- Price SOLD for $780 Size 100cm x 100cm
Acrylics on canvas 

 "Streets of Paris" Price $500 sold Size 90cm x 120cm Acrylic on canvas

"King street newtown" price$550 size 100cm x 75cm


"View from observatory hill" Sold 100cm x 75cm

  "View of Paris" SOLD $595 Size 100 x 100cm Acrylics on canvas

"Streets Of London" Price - $650 - SOLD Size 90 x 90cm Acrylics on canvas 


"Fleet Street" Price $750 SOLD Size 90 x 120cm Acrylics on canvas

Aerial view of Canberra $580 size 100 x 75cm


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