"Pigs In Mud" Price Sold Size 90xm x 45cm

"Magpies" 90cm x 45cm SOLD for $330

"RAM for sale" SOLD at $800 Size75cm x 100cm acrylic on canvas 

 "Kookaburra" 75cm x 75cm SOLD acrylics on canvas

 "Maggies" size 90cm x 45cm price Sold Acrylic on canvas

"High tea" $580 size 100 x 75cm

 "Which way sold SOLD size 90 x 45cm

" tea cups" 45cm x 45cm $150

"On your bike" $580 2 x 45cm x 90cm

"Magpie King"  100cm x 75cm sold

" retro bikes " $580 size 100cm x 75cm

"Sun Parakeets" sold size 90cm x 45cm 

"Magpie for sale" $480 size 75 x 75cm

"Wrens on linen canvas" $250 size90cm x 45cm"

"Budgies for sale" sold 90cm x 45cm

"Hello cocky" $580 75cm x 100cm

"" delftware" $150 45cm x45cm

"Move over" $250 90cm x 45cm

"Converse addiction $250 size 100cm x 50cm 

 "CLUCKY CHICKENS" Price SOLD Size 50cm x 70cm Acrylics on canvas

"magpie" SOLD size 50cm x 60cm
Acrylics on Canvas 

Hat, whip and RM boots size 45cm x 90cm Sold

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