Picture Gallery - People

"Lady at window" 60cm x 60cm price $150

Contemplating -SOLD $480 Acrylic on canvas - Size 60cm x 90cm 

"Until next time"  Size 60cm x 90cm sold for Price $680 - acrylic on canvas 

 Girl with rose" Price - sold- Size 75cm x 100cm Acrylic on canvas 

"Waiting" Price - SOLD $150- Size 50cm x 60cm 

"Ready or not" $450 size 75cm x 75cm

 "Waiting" $580 size 100cm x 75cm acrylic on canvas

 "Isabella" price $450 Sold size: 75cm x 75cm Acrylic

"What's in the box today" SOLD WINNER of People's Choice Award at Coolamon Exhibition 2014!


"Race you" size 75cm x 75cm Price $480 sold

Waiting - SOLD $480 - Acrylic on canvas - 60cm x 70cm

"Bare Back" Price sold 75cm x 100cm acrylic on canvas 

"Getting ready" SOLD Size 100 x 75cm Acrylic on canvas

             "Family portrait" commission  Size 50cm x 60cm SOLD

 "Charlotte and Darcy" Size 90 x 90cm SOLD 
Acrylic on canvas

"Chit chat" 75cm x 75cm acrylic on canvas SOLD

"Lady at window" SOLD Price - $265- Size 50cm x 70cm Acrylic on canvas


"van Tol boys NFS portrait"


"GIRL RESTING" Fabulous Fake SOLD Acrylics on canvas Size 40cm x 50cm


Size 40cm x 50cm Acrylic on canvas


"Boots 'n' all" $580 - sold acrylic on canvas


"Here it comes" SOLD  Size 50cm x 60cm Acrylic on canvas
This artwork WON first prize in the Coolamon Exhibition 

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