Picture Gallery - Food

"Cruncy Apples" Size 75cm x 100cm Price sold

          "EGGS IN A BOWL" - SOLD Size 90cm x 90cm Acrylics on canvas 

 "Juicy Apples" Price $500 Size 100cm x 75cm  Acrylics on canvas

"Apples - 45cm x 90cm Acrylic on Canvas $250

 "New Sensations" SOLD $500 acrylic on canvas 100cm x 75cm

"RED and WHITE bowl of apples" size 50cm x 60cm SOLD for $110

"Row of pears" 90cm x 45cm price SOLD

 4 pears" SOLD $500 size 100cm x 75cm acrylic 

"Corella pears" $550 100cm x 75cm acrylic on canvas

Apples in a row" $350 size 100cm x 50cm

Packham Pears SOLD 75 cm x 75cm


"Red and green pears" size 50cm x 50cm SOLD $200 acrylic on canvas 

 "Pears in a row" sold $280 

"fresh eggs" SOLD $130

"RED HOT CHILLI'S" - SOLD Size 90cm x 80cm  Acrylics on canvas

"Pears in a row" $250 size 90 x 45cm Acrylic on canvas 

 "A Family of Pears" SOLD 75cm x 100cm acrylic on canvas

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